July 7, 2011
Can I share something with you guys? I feel like being intimate.
I'm deleting old texts, and I thought this needed to be cataloged for posterity.
Slowheart: Month. Hm.
SH: I don't even know what that'd be Freudian for
Me: Just awkward, long fingers I guess? I almost typed ling instead of long hahahaha
SH: Hahaha so many slips. or slops. I am a sloppy typer
Me: I'm a slippery sloper
SH: I'm a sloppy slipper. Gross.
Me: Hahahaha I was wondering which one of us was gonna go there...
SH: Damn, I slipped into that one di'nt I
Me: Yea cus your shit got sloppy!
SH: slippy shittttt
Me: Oh man... nowhere you wouldn't go
SH: Yea my shit goes all over the show. We just made a poem
Me: Hahahaha God, how are we not famous already? And sipping expensive champagne/liquor out of channels created by big, fake tits!
SH: !!!!!!!!!!
Me: I want that slippery sloppy sipperrrrrr
SH: Haha shit.
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